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Damian Lillard Details How Foul Calls Make James Harden Hard To Guard

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

James Harden’s ability to score is well known, but what makes the guard an unstoppable force in the league is his capacity to draw foul calls. This is nothing new, but Damian Lillard explained exactly what it’s like trying to defend against the Beard and all the tricks he uses to draw a foul off his defenders.

Lillard’s Portland Trail Blazers lost to the Houston Rockets 132-108 on Monday night. Harden went 11/19 for 36 points and was 9/10 on free throws. The point guard didn’t miss the chance to complain and took a swing at the refs for their officiating.

“It’s hard to defend because when he’s driving to the basket, you don’t want to touch him, when he’s raising up for threes you don’t want to get too close to him because he’s kicking his legs out and he’s following through with his jumper and through your arms sometimes.

“Going to the basket, one of the first possessions of the game, he was driving on me and my hands were by my side and he reached in and went through my arm and it was two free throws. I think when you present that type of challenge, and you get that whistle, and it’s very tough to defend, especially when you’re already as good as he is. It’s tough.”

Lillard is right, as Harden has made those practices part of his repertoire. He’s just great at it and always creates problems for his opponents. These plays are a major topic of discussion in the league and some fans have labeled the Houston Rockets star as a ‘cheater’ for them.

Now we discover how frustrating it is for his defenders to go against Harden every night, knowing that most of the time the refs will call the foul in favor of Harden, leaving his rivals helpless.