Damian Lillard Doesn't Believe Stephen Curry, Russell Westbrook And Chris Paul Are Better Than Him

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Credit: The Mercury News

Credit: The Mercury News

When fully healthy, Stephen Curry is hands down the best point guard in the entire NBA but once he went down with a broken hand and his team didn't play its best game, the debate started around the league. Who is the best point guard in the league? Not so many people will change their answer, even with an injured Curry, but this season some players made the case as the best PGs in the game.

One of those was Damian Lillard, who demonstrated he is one of the best players in his position this season, taking the Portland Trail Blazers to steal the 8th seed in the Western Conference against the Memphis Grizzlies. Lillard earned the bubble MVP award and that put his name on another dimension. The discussion was about the better player between Dame and Stephen Curry, but the 30-year-old doesn't seem too bothered about it.

Damian has always shown confidence in himself and during a recent chat with Draymond Green, the 2013 Rookie of the Year revealed he doesn't feel players like Curry, Russell Westbrook or Chris Paul are actually better than him.

“I’m looking at Steph [Curry], Russ [Westbrook] and CP [Chris Paul], and I don’t view them as above me,” Lillard said. “The way I see people speak on my name sometimes, it is almost like, ‘He’s a great player but..’ but what?”

Well, out of those three names, Curry has been the most honored player of all. He has won MVP awards, NBA championships and more with the Golden State Warriors, He is seen as probably the greatest shooter of all time and it's hard to say that right now he's not the best point guard in the league. However, Lillard feels he is as talented as the Dubs superstar and the other two men.

The next season can be the perfect scenario for all of them to settle this thing. CP3 proved this year he still got it, Westbrook can do it with a different team and Curry's goal will be exactly that after a terrible year for his Warriors.