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Damian Lillard Doesn't Spend His Money

(via Deseret News)

(via Deseret News)

Damian Lillard is due to make almost $60 million over the next two seasons. The guy has rightfully played his way into a whole lot of money.

But despite his riches, Dame Dolla hardly spends a dollar. Apparently, the Portland superstar is frugal with his millions and still carries around a cracked iPhone to prove it.

The frugalness of his spending definitely fits his personality. He has a rather calm and easy attitude. And while it seems he enjoys the spotlight, he does not like doing anything fancy to get there. The guy is simple and content with who he is and what he has.

And as the Blazers look to dish a brutal blow to the Nuggets in Game 4, Portland will look towards Dame and that same attitude to come in clutch for them again this postseason like he has so many times before.

But seriously, maybe somebody should get him a stronger phone case in the meantime. Because for someone making multi-millions of dollars, he should have a crack-free phone.