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Damian Lillard Explains Why LeBron James Is The MVP

(via Mundo Deportivo)

(via Mundo Deportivo)

The MVP debate hasn't stopped ever since the league entered hiatus. Before March 11, the general consensus was that Giannis Antetokounmpo was the rightful winner of the coveted award. Now, LeBron James' name gets more support by the day, with players and analysts making the case for Bron, who is 35, playing his 17th season in the league.

He's leading the Lakers to have the best record in the league and before the shutdown, they were arguably the best team in the league, even beating Giannis and his Bucks before doing the same with the Los Angeles Clippers. One of their possible rivals in the playoffs has given his two pennies about the NBA race, picking Bron over Giannis.

While appearing on the Dan Patrick Show, Portland Trail Blazers' Damian Lillard said he would vote for James over Giannis Antetokounmpo for league MVP.

“I don’t think you can go wrong with LeBron or Giannis. But in my opinion, it’s LeBron. Just because they’re the number one seed in the Western Conference. And I feel like he’s had a dominant season… In year 17? Leading the league in assists. … for how he’s been able to take that team from a non-playoff team for (6) years and now they’ve jumped to number one. That’s his impact.”

He also talked about the evolution of LeBron and how much he's changed since he was that scary player in the Miami Heat.

“He’s still super fast and athletic. But when I came into the league, it was unbelievable. I think that’s the biggest difference. He’s always been a thinker, a smart player, and now that has even heightened. He’s less in speed and athleticism and power but more (into) pick his spots, control and manipulate the game and use his athleticism and gifts in spurts.”

There is no doubt that Dame admires Bron and he actually made a good point with Bron's dominance. However, James has had the help of Anthony Davis, something that Damian Lillard doesn't have. Still, the Greek Freak managed to take his team to have the best record in the league, becoming the fastest team ever to reach the playoffs.

Sure, he has a great supporting cast but none of his teammates is at the same level of AD. Giannis was dominant, barely playing 30 minutes per game and he still made the numbers to be considered the biggest favorites for the MVP. No disrespect to LeBron, what he's done this year is remarkable, but there is no doubt that Giannis deserves the award.