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Damian Lillard Fires Back After Skip Bayless Says He Doesn't Believe In "Dame Time"

(via Forbes and TV Insider)

(via Forbes and TV Insider)

Damian Lillard has been on the receiving end of a lot of doubt and criticism lately. His team's struggles this season, coupled with his past postseason failures, have made him the subject of trash talk all around the league. On Saturday, it was Paul George and Patrick Beverley.

Today, it was Fox Sports analyst Skip Bayless, who said on Twitter that he's still not buying "Dame time."

While Skip noted Lillard's dominant performance, he also was quick to point out just how close the Blazers were to losing that game to the Sixers, who were without Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid. Needless to say, Skip isn't convinced that Dame's talents are going to be enough to advance the Blazers very far. But these comments did not go unnoticed by Lillard himself, who clapped back at Skip on Twitter.

Apparently Skip and Dame had a private conversation, where Mr. Bayless backpedaled on his criticism instead of standing his ground.

There's no way to corroborate that story, but if we are to take Dame's word for it, then perhaps Skip isn't as big a critic as we thought.

Regardless, Damian Lillard is going up against all his haters right now, and we are going seeing his response play out before our very eyes...