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Damian Lillard Has Created 444 Points Over The Last 6 Games. This Is The Most Points Ever Created In A 6 Game Stretch, Even More Than Wilt Chamberlain.

(via Sporting News)

(via Sporting News)

Damian Lillard has quietly put himself in the MVP conversation lately, as he's put together one of the toughest scorings stretches ever.

Through his last 6 games, Lillard has scored 293 points and assisted 151, leading the Portland Trail Blazers to a 5-1 record with wins over contending teams.

Moreover, this is the most points created ever by any NBA player, even more than Wilt Chamberlain, who created 415 points during the stretch when he had his historic 100-point game.

The thing that's making Lillard's stretch so impressive is the fact that he's not only scoring, but also finding his teammates by averaging 10.1 assists per game with four double-doubles over his past 6 games.

Lillard has scored 61, 47, 50, 36, 48, and 51 points throughout his 6 last outings, taking his season average to 29.8 points per game.

Dame has been as unstoppable as James Harden, but he's been more of a facilitator and certainly more entertaining to watch, as he's putting all the moves and scoring in a huge variety of ways, even though he's averaging 10.8 free throw attempts per game over that stretch.

The Portland Trail Blazers have now won 7 of their last 10 matchups and are just a couple of games away from being the 8th seed in the Western Conference, and they'd be the kind of sneaky team nobody would want to face in the playoffs.

Portland is also bound to get Jusuf Nurkic and Zach Collins back at some point of the season, but they're believed to be active in trade talks as we head to the trade deadline, with names like Kevin Love reportedly on their agenda.

So, if the Blazers keep the foot on the gas and make a move or two and Lillard keeps balling the way he's been doing it as of late, there's no reason to think he couldn't be this year's MVP once and for all.