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Damian Lillard Has Made It Known He Has No Plans Of Leaving Portland


There have been rumors all summer this offseason regarding where Portland Trail Blazer point guard Damian Lillard may end up playing next season. The three-time All-Star has made it clear in the past he does want to stay in Portland, but he hasn’t completely ceased the idea of possible trades.

Blazers fans cherish their 1st All-NBA team superstar Lillard, as he has played his entire six-year career in Portland, where he’s been an All-Star three times, but he's never made significant headway in the playoffs, which may make people think Lillard wants out. Being swept by the Pelicans in the first round of last season's playoffs, Lillard showed signs of frustration with himself and his team. Still, despite multiple trade rumors involving his name, Lillard has made is adamant Portland is where he wants to play.

Lillard has been mentioned by multiple sources in a potential trade with the Los Angeles Lakers to team up with their newest addition, LeBron James. The Lakers signing fellow point guard Rajon Rondo then made people confused as to why they would not surround James with shooters, which plays to his strength by drawing in defenders and skipping it to open shooters. It’s already been proven James can win a ring with a score-first point guard, winning the 2016 Finals alongside Kyrie Irving. Although, Magic Johnson may have a plan in mind we don't fully understand, and it may be used to ultimately dethrone the defending champions, Golden State.

At the end of the day, Lillard seems to be happy where he is and being traded won’t be an option. The 27-year-old superstar will still remain with the main core of the Portland franchise and continue to lead the Blazers to -- hopefully -- a championship.