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Damian Lillard Has One More Chance To Save Bettor's House After Loss To Suns

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A little under a month ago, a desperate fan reached out to Damian Lillard to let him know just how much was at stake if they didn't bring their A-Game.

The fan mentioned him on Twitter urging the Portland Trail Blazers to win 42+ games this season or else he risked losing his house, probably because of a huge bet he did at the beginning of the season:

"Dame how is your hamstring? I need you guys to win 42 games this year or I lose my house. Huge fan even if I’m in the mansion or homeless," the fan wrote, with Lillard simply replying "Say less," letting him know that he had his back.

That tweet was a bit of a jynx for the Blazers, as they went on to lose five straight games before finally straightening the ship. And now, when it seemed like RIP City was on the verge of reaching that 42nd win, it all went south.

Portland became one of the hottest teams in the West and had 41 wins already before meeting the Phoenix Suns, who were firing at all cylinders.

The Blazers were down in what seemed to be a sure loss before Lillard put the team on his back to score a lot of clutch buckets as per usual. Then, the referees called a controversial foul on Norman Powell and Portland ended up losing the game by one point.

Now, Damian Lillard and company will only have one more chance to save this bettor from being homeless, as they'll have to beat Nikola Jokic and the Denver Nuggets on Sunday in their regular-season finale.

The biggest issue for this man is the fact that the Blazers can secure a playoff spot on Saturday if the Los Angeles Lakers lose to the Indiana Pacers, so they could rest their starters on that game vs. Denver, so yeah, I bet that man will never gamble again.