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Damian Lillard Hilariously Tells Kyrie Irving To Talk To The Media On Instagram Live

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

Kyrie Irving is one of the most famous names in the NBA right now after his antics have once again shadowed his good actions in recent months. The point guard is ready to start a new season with Brooklyn, this time with a healthy Kevin Durant that is ready to win it all again. Kyrie recently explained that he's not talking to the media and even after the team was fined, Kyrie hasn't stopped.

Everybody has something to say about this situation and others are trying to help Kyrie. Recently, Damian Lillard stopped by Irving's Instagram Live, where he left a curious message for the 2016 NBA champion.


"Ky bra do your media sessions 😂😂," Dame wrote.

Kyrie is locked in. He doesn't want to talk with media members and even though some have called him out, Irving doesn't have any problem with that. It's unclear what is going to happen with the player and his future in the league and his decision to not talk with the media, but Kyrie is very happy with that.

This season the Nets are seen as one of the favorites teams to win the championship but they will need all their pieces in the right mindset to be successful. If these stories become a distraction for the team later, they will be in huge problems. Perhaps Kyrie just has to listen to Lillard's words and start talking with reporters again.