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Damian Lillard Insists He Will Not Leave Portland For Superteam

(via SB Nation)

(via SB Nation)

Though the era of "Big Threes" is over, the era of player-mobility and star-teamming is not.

Nowadays, guys are ditching their team for "greener pastures" in an effort to either capitalize on their chances to win a ring or play in a bigger market. Damian Lillard does not fit either category.

In a chat with Complex sports, Damian Lillard took the opportunity to express his passion for the franchise he has called home for the past 7 years.

“It’s not so much about an organization,” says Lillard about where his loyalty lies. “It’s to the city.”

He insisted that he was not after the new "superteam" fad that is making its rounds through the league.

“I think people are taking control because there’s no greater time to do it than now. And I don’t have a problem with that, but the way I see stuff is, like, I don’t prefer to go that route. Just like they’re choosing to do this stuff for their career, I’m choosing to do what I want for mine, too.”

“To leave, what did I invest all this time for just to leave, you know?” he says. “If I go play with three other stars, I don’t think that many people would doubt that I could win it. We would win it, but what is the challenge or the fun in that?”

It's obvious that Lillard is an old-school competitor. He wants to beat the competition; not join them. Good thing for the Blazers, he is committed to bringing the highest level of excellence to his own team before he moves on to others.

Hopefully, that sentinment will bring results.