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Damian Lillard Is Dropping A Pair Of Show Commemorating His Famous 50-PT Game vs. OKC

Credit: USATSI

Credit: USATSI

Damian Lillard is releasing a new colorway of his shoes and everybody went crazy when they found out what Lillard was homaging with the kicks. He is dropping a new Adidas shoe with the colors of the Oklahoma City Thunder, which was seen as a commemoration of his magical game against that team two years ago.

At the time, Lillard had a terrific game, dropping 50 on the Thunder, even calling game and series with a deep 3-pointer over Paul George, who couldn't do anything to stop the point guard. Even though PG said that was a bad shot in his eyes, it wasn't like that for Dame, who gave his team the win and the chance to play in the next series.

When ESPN's reporter Nick DePaula revealed that Lillard was dropping those shoes, fans called him a troll. The sneakers also have his stat line during that game, making them more impressive.

Well, Lillard recently explained that he didn't try to taunt anybody and that he didn't even pick the color of the shoes. Dame said that he had more games to pick for the kicks but the final decision wasn't in his hands.

“For mine they chose the OKC game,” Lillard said following the Trail Blazers’ 116-113 win over the New York Knicks, via Oregon Live.

“I think I’ve had other games to choose from,” Lillard said. “I’m ready to let that moment go, so that’s why I think I would have liked it to be a different game, because I don’t want it to come off as I’m just living in the moment from two years ago. Obviously it was a big moment, but it is what it is.”

There you go. Although it would have been very funny hearing the man admitting he did it on purpose, that decision was his and there was nothing he could do to prevent this. Still, Lillard had a terrific night that night and it'll be hard to forget how he owned the Thunder at that time.