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"Damian Lillard Is The Best Leader In Sports," Says Trail Blazers TV Analyst

"Damian Lillard Is The Best Leader In Sports," Says Trail Blazers TV Analyst

Damian Lillard has been a pretty big deal in Portland since he joined the Trail Blazers in 2012. Dame has been the face of the franchise since that moment and that's not changing anytime soon. He has been terrific there and people in Portland have high praise for the talented point guard.

Lillard has shown he's a terrific leader for the Blazers, taking the team to compete for important things in recent years. Last season they struggled to make it to the postseason but Lillard showed his quality and took his team to the big party. Even though he lost to the Lakers in the first round of the postseason, Lillard demonstrated he's still a good leader. Trail Blazers' TV analyst Lamar Hurd took things to the next level now, calling Lillard the best leader not only in NBA but sports in general.

Of course, fans weren't happy with those remarks and while some agreed to that, others named other leaders or simply said this man was wrong for that.

Lillard has taken his team to compete in the NBA in the past couple of years. His best season with the Blazers happened in 2019/20 when they reached the WCF and were swept by the Golden State Warriors. Lillard is trying to emulate and improve that but the league is more competitive right now. Perhaps this season will be the perfect one for him to show that he can lead his team to the Finals once and for all.