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Damian Lillard On If He'd Join A Superteam: "For Me Personally, That’s Just Not Something I Can Do. I’d Rather Go Out There And Put My Best Foot Forward And Lose Before I Do That, Because I Know I Can Win If I Do That."

Credit: USATSI

Credit: USATSI

Damian Lillard is one of the most loyal players in the NBA, always trying to compete with his Portland Trail Blazers and even though he hasn't won a championship yet, the point guard has made it very clear that he won't jump onto another team to chase rings as other stars have done in the past.

Last year, super teams were ended when Kevin Durant left the Golden State Warriors and created a big duo with Kyrie Irving on the Brooklyn Nets but, that exact team landed another superstar in James Harden. A lot of people are talking about the team's chances to win it all this season, having a Big 3, but not everybody is convinced that is the recipe for success.

For Lillard, he wouldn't leave the Blazers to join more stars and try to have an easier path to the title. The guard explained that although some decisions aren't his to take, he'd never request a trade or sign with another team with one or more stars in order to win. He was recently a guest on the "Million $ Worth of Game," where he explained his thoughts about stars joining other stars.

“I would never do that,” Lillard said, via NBC Sports. “I mean I don’t control—if the team decides to trade me somewhere, I can’t control that, but it ain’t for me.”

“It’s forcing dudes to be like well, I’m going to go play with this person or if I get with this person,” Lillard explained. “But to me, like, if that’s what they want to do, I don’t got no problem with it, it’s whatever... But for me personally, that’s just not something I can do. I’d rather go out there and put my best foot forward and lose before I do that, because I know I can win if I do that."

For Dame, it's about competing with what you have and try to get the best out of that situation. He's remained loyal to his team and even though he was linked with a move away from Portland, includinga trade to the Los Angeles Lakers, the player has made it clear he won't join any superstar. That has been his mindset since day one and that hasn't changed a bit.