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Damian Lillard On PG, Pat Beverley Feud: "Shots Being Fired In My Direction, I'ma Fire Back Facts"

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

Damian Lillard isn't taking anything from anybody and he proved that over and over during the last couple of days. Dame started beefing with Paul George and Patrick Beverley of the Los Angeles Clippers after Saturday game, where Lillard came up short and missed two key free throws that would have given the lead to his team.

After being mocked by Patrick Beverley, Lillard replied to him and his teammate Paul George, recalling that he eliminated them both from the playoffs in prior years, which took things to the next level with all three players exchanging jabs on Instagram. Even families got involved in the situation, with Lillard's sister and George's wife beefing over this situation.

Dame had the chance to sit down with Inside the NBA correspondent Chris Haynes to talk about life in the bubble. Of course, they talked about Lillard's beef with PG and he had some interesting words to say.

"Teams are going to talk trash, but it turned into a taunt to me when they started tapping their wrist and waving way after the fact. Then, I was asked about it. That’s when I was like, shots being fired in my direction, I’ma fire back facts.”

The All-Star point guard recovered from that loss with a 51-piece game the next day, against the Philadelphia 76ers. Lillard isn't afraid of any challenge or any rival, he goes out there every night to do his job and nothing else.

The Trail Blazers are still trying to reach that 8th seed that currently belongs to the Memphis Grizzlies. They would face the Los Angeles Lakers if they make the cut would see the Clippers in a potential Western Conference Finals if they still qualify as 2nd seed in the West.

Even if we don't get to see the battle of Los Angeles in the WCF, a Lillard-PG series would be extraordinary, as well.