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Damian Lillard Rejected To Join A Superteam In 2019: 'I Want To Beat Every MF Super Team!'

(via Rip City Project)

(via Rip City Project)

There may be no player in the NBA more important to their franchise than Damian Lillard. As of the NBA's best players, he has been leading the Portland Trail Blazers for 7 years and has shown no signs of wanting out.

As his peers go off to create powerful superteams, Dame is content and driven to win one where he's at. He's loyal and in today's game, that's just not normal.

In fact, when he was offered an opportunity to ditch the Blazers and link up with a superteam before his most recent extension, he turned it down, citing that he wanted to "build it with his teammates" and that he wanted to "beat every mf super team."

It takes some real guts to chose to do things the hard way. Had Damian joined that unnamed superteam, it's likely he would've already won a Championship.

Instead, he's continuing to battle and fight for the Blazers, who have yet to make a Finals appearance since Dame's arrival. He's no quitter -- he's not keen on taking the easy way out. And without him, who knows where the Trail Blazers would be.

It's time to put some respect on his name...