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Damian Lillard Responds After Fans Roast Him For His OKC Themed Sneakers

(via Time Magazine)

(via Time Magazine)

One of the signature moments of Damian Lillard's career was in the 2018 playoffs when the star guard sent the OKC Thunder home with a series-winning buzzer-beater in the playoffs.

It's a moment that has been forever etched into Dame's legacy, to the point where the media isn't letting anybody forget about it.

It has gone so far, in fact, that Adidas has made a new sneaker commemorating the performance. It features an OKC-inspired colorway (orange and blue) and a line of Lillard's 50-point stat-line that night.

It's a pretty dope concept but, for some fans, it has just become too much. Since Dame has yet to win an MVP or an NBA Championship, it's kind of telling that a single shot is the most memorable moment of his career. Of course, fans had to let the guy know it was time to put it to rest and move on...

Lillard apparently heard all the noise because, hours later, he was issued the following response to reporters:

“It’s a series of shoes Adidas has been working on where they’re acknowledging guys with the brand’s 50-point games. It wasn’t just my shoe. It was other guys across the brand. I think you should be expecting shoes like the D’Rose’s, the James Harden’s, guys who score 50 points having a shoe based on that night. For mine, they chose the OKC game.

I think I’ve had other games to choose from, but I’m ready to let that moment go, so that’s why I would have liked it to be a different game. I don’t want it to come off as I’m just living in the moment from two years ago. Honestly, it was a big moment, but it is what it is.”

So, it's not something that Dame was planning. In fact, according to him, he would have picked something different because he "doesn't want to live in the past."

Nevertheless, the Lillard slander will continue until he is able to find some success in the playoffs. Maybe it'll be this year, maybe not... at this point, all we can do is sit back and watch.