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Damian Lillard Responds To Talks About His "Rivalry" With Russell Westbrook

(via Bleacher Report)

(via Bleacher Report)

Damian Lillard and Russell Westbrook have history. As two of the toughest competitors in the league, their battles are always intense, hard-fought, and aggressive.

From Russ' "rock the baby" routine to Dame's infamous shot in last year's West playoffs, many see the relationship between Russ and Lillard as nothing less than an all-out rivalry.

But, according to the Blazers point guard himself, they're more like brothers than enemies. On Twitter, he responded in confirmation to a fan who denied any type of bad blood between the stars.

In the comments, another fan dug up some old Tweets in which Dame was talking about Westbrook like a friend.

It's easy to mistake what these two have. Their battles against each other make it seem like there's a bitter hatred. And, obviously, their teams have routinely gotten in each other's way.

The reality is, their competitive spirit is actually what pushes them together. On the court, they both play hard, give their all, and do whatever it takes to get their team the win.

Off the court, they're brothers who have profound respect for each other. That couldn't be more clearer, even after their intense battle last night...