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Damian Lillard Responds To Russell Westbrook After Beating Him 4-1 In First Round

(via Spark Sports)

(via Spark Sports)

It is a rivalry in the making -- OKC and the Portland Trail Βlazers are clearly not friends. All series long, the intensity was high, and it became obvious that there was angst between the two teams.

More than anything though, it was the Russ/Dame matchup that set the tone for the series. The two were chattering back and forth nonstop, with Westbrook even captured on film yelling towards Lillard after he drained a shot in his face.

It all started in Game 1, where Westbrook told Lillard "I've been busting your ass for years," as they faced off on the floor.

Well, in light of Lillard's series-clinching shot to send the Thunder home, he responded to Westbrook's original comment, saying he missed the opportunity to prove himself.

There is no mistaking it: Damian Lillard completely outmatched Westbrook in the series. Russ averaged 22 points on an abysmal 36% shooting. Lillard, meanwhile, put up 33 points on 46% shooting and hit the game-winning shot to win the round.

If Lillard continues this tear, the Blazers will be a tough team to beat going forward. Russ and the Thunder were just the first victims.