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Damian Lillard Reveal That Skip Bayless Told Him He Is Depressed

Credit: AP

Credit: AP

Damian Lillard has been involved in several controversies recently, even when he's done nothing to earn the comments he's receiving from colleagues and analysts. His beef with Paul George and Patrick Beverley on Saturday sparked something across the league and everybody is trying to take a piece of Dame. After his 51-point game on Sunday against the Philadelphia 76ers, everybody was in awe with the point guard, except Skip Bayless.

The sports analysts revealed he wasn't buying 'Dame time' ahead of Monday's edition of FS1's Undisputed. Dame didn't like the comments and called out Bayless.

"I have never been buying nothing about you fam. You a joke. And after our private convo full of back pedaling you will never have my respect 🤡," Lillard replied on Twitter.

Dame also told fans to ask Bayless what he said when asked why he hated LeBron and more, as to what the analyst didn't reply. Furthermore, the All-Star point guard appeared on teammate Carmelo Anthony's show 'What's In Your Glass' to discuss several topics, including Dame's recent beef in the bubble. Dame talked about Bayless again and revealed the 68-year-old told him he was depressed.

"I'm like 'Skip, we can talk if you want to talk' so he seek out my number, and called me and when he called me I was just like 'yeah, I don't know you like that, you don't owe me no explanation, I don't know you, stop speaking on me incorrect' and he just back down or something, 'you know I'm depressed,'" Lillard told Anthony.

Some fans didn't like Lillard venting other people's personal issues on the internet but that was part of the story. Bayless has criticized him over and over in the past and the point guard has had enough of that.

Mental health is something that should be taken seriously and people should always seek help and attacking NBA players on live TV isn't precisely the best kind of help someone can get. Bayless is yet to reply to Dame's claims and this doesn't look like the end of this story.