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Damian Lillard Reveals Which Attributes He'd Take From LeBron James, Michael Jordan, And Kevin Durant

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(via Lakers Daily)

With the NBA offseason in full-swing, Blazers star Damian Lillard had some time to engage with his fans on Twitter, where he answered a particularly interesting question regarding which attributes he'd chose from any three players in the NBA.

He could have gone with anybody, but it's hard to argue with Dame's picks here.

Since athleticism is an unteachable asset, those who are gifted in that area always have Some kind of an advantage over their opponents. While Dame isn't lacking in the athleticism department himself, being able to fly like Jordan would certainly be a miraculous addition to any player's game.

Durability, meanwhile, has always been a strength for LeBron James, who has found a way to stay healthy and productive at 35-years-old. While time, training, and money no doubt play enormous roles in how his body has withstood the test of time, natural genetics are to blame as well, and staying as healthy as Bron would certainly be a blessing for anybody.

Lastly, on Durant's size/skillset, it's one of the most unique the NBA has ever seen. At nearly 7-feet with a crazy long wingspan, his ability to tower over opponents has been huge throughout the course of his career. Add that alongside his footwork, ball-handling, and shooting abilities, and Durant has an arsenal that puts him right up there with the best.

When you combine all three molds, you get what comes out as a pretty ideal basketball player. It's unfortunate we'll never get to see it on the court.