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Damian Lillard Says Focus Is "To Win A Championship"

(via Yahoo! Sports)

(via Yahoo! Sports)

Through 7 NBA seasons, there is little doubt that Damian Lillard has cemented himself as a bonafide superstar. He's made 4 All-Star appearances, has been selected to 4 All-NBA team rosters and has become the face of Portland basketball.

Sorely lacking in his resume, however, is postseason success. He has only been to the Finals once and lost quickly to the Warriors in 4 games.

This season, Dame is making it his mission to change that.

“Our focus is to win a championship,” Damian Lillard said to Forbes. “Our mentality has to shift to that.”

It is true that the Blazers have yet to make any major moves. Their core remains largely intact.

Their biggest addition was Hassan Whiteside, an All-Defensive player, and former block Champion. He will help the team defend the paint and score easy points under the basket. But will he be enough to challenge the West's other competitors?

The Lakers, Clippers, Warriors, Rockets, and Nuggets are just some of the teams with high expectations this upcoming season. Lillard will have to lead Portland through these teams if he wants to give them a shot at the title. No doubt, Whiteside and the rest of the crew will have to rally around him if they are to reach their ultimate goal.