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Damian Lillard Says He Wants To Add LaMarcus Aldridge To Current Blazers Roster

(via NBC Sports)

(via NBC Sports)

Damian Lillard and the Portland Trail Blazers had a rather underwhelming season. Assuming the rest of the 2019-20 campaign is canceled, they finished 29-37 with a 9th place standing in the West.

And while we don't yet know how they plan to respond to their failure, Damian Lillard clearly has someone in mind: his ex-teammate LaMarcus Aldridge, who is currently under contract with the San Antonio Spurs.

Aldridge as specifically named when Dame was asked about who he'd like to add to the roster.

(via Twitter/Blazers)

(via Twitter/Blazers)

Yes, in case you were wondering, that is considered tampering. LaMarcus is still under contract and can't be mentioned publicly like this by another team.

The Tweet has since bene deleted but not before getting noticed by many, including Aldridge himself.

The two had an amazing run in their hay-day. They formed a one-two punch that was dangerous but that, unfortunately, never lived up to their potential. It's why LA left for San Antonio in the first place.

But with a second chance, who's to say they can't succeed? Add a guy like Aldridge alongside Dame, CJ, Nurk, Hood, and Melo? That's one seriously dangerous team.

But if Portland has any desire to make the reunion happen, they'll have to act fast. Aldridge is already 34-years-old and there's no telling how much longer he'll be an elite player.

We'll see if the team take notice of Lillard's aspirations.