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Damian Lillard Says LeBron James Can Become A GM After He Retires: "He Always Gets It Right..."

(via NBC News)

(via NBC News)

The 2021 All-Star game ended with all kinds of narratives and storylines -- one of which being LeBron James' talent for assembling a team. After his latest victory in the NBA All-Star game, many are convinced that the guy has the makings of an excellent General Manager, and it's hard to argue otherwise.

Here's what Damian Lillard said about him after Sunday's night of festivities:

“Yeah, I think he’s got a future as a GM because he always gets it right,” Lillard said.

Obviously, you can't really go wrong when you're picking guys for an All-Star team, but LeBron is 4-0 so far -- an impressive mark considering the circumstances.

In all seriousness, though, it's not hard to see James taking on some kind of front-office role in the future. He's a natural leader whose understanding and mastery of the game stretches far and wide. He knows what he has to do to win, and knows how to create Championship-worthy squads.

The All-Star draft is just another way in which he proves it.

If you take Bron behind the scenes for a real team, and who is to say he couldn't be just as successful?