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Damian Lillard Says Real Warriors Fans Can't Afford To Go To The Games


It's no secret that the Warriors aren't the team they used to be. Prior to the building of the infamous "Big 4," the Warriors were a team very comparable to the Clippers, Jazz, and every other losing franchise in the NBA. It didn't keep their fans away though, and many of the team's loyal followers remain faithful to this day.

The problem? Most of them can't afford to go to a game anymore, meaning a lot of the folks that have been watching for years are stuck cheering from their homes, a very sad but real effect of the team becoming so darn good.

“A lot of the real Warriors fans, a lot of times they can’t go to the games," said Damian Lillard in a chat with Mark Medina of Mercury News. "They can’t afford it. At that time, we were able to go to the games. Nowadays, a really good ticket is way more expensive to do everything. The people who are real Warriors fans aren’t able to get into the games.” 

The context comes from a larger topic about the Warriors' moving into a brand new arena for the 2018/19 campaign. The team, who has always played in Oakland, will be moving to San Fransisco, a decision that obviously has Oakland residents feeling left out.

Then again, inaccessibility shouldn't be a new feeling to them. Like Lillard pointed out, most "real" fans are unable to purchase game-day tickets anyway. It will become nearly impossible for ordinary Oakland residents to watch their team play live. So, while having a team like the Warriors is great, there are some drawbacks for being a fan of the most popular team in the NBA.

And that's something not a whole lot of us realize.