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Damian Lillard Says The Blazers Can't Win With That Kind Of Defense

(via Bleacher Report)

(via Bleacher Report)

Damian Lillard has never been the one to shy away from a challenge or show a lack of confidence. If anything, he's always taken a step forward when his team has needed him the most and has embraced that underdog mentality that makes him such a fierce competitor.

Then again, Lillard knows that he can't try and cover the sun with one finger, and that; regardless of how competitive and confident he is, his team isn't ready to play for an NBA Championship right now.

Once again, the Portland Trail Blazers rank among the worst defensive teams in the league. The new additions weren't able to fix their woes and Jusuf Nurkic's injury was a massive blow for them. That's why he recently told The Athletic that the Blazers are far from being a true contender right now:

“If we are the defensive team that we’ve been so far this season, then we don’t have a chance to win the championship. Right now, we aren’t a championship team, because you don’t have a chance being one of the bottom teams defensively, and that’s just the reality of the situation. And I’m aware of that," Lillard said.

Lillard has been putting up Herculean efforts for the Blazers since he entered the league, willing them into the playoffs against all odds. This time, however, it seems like he's going to need more help and commitment in the defensive end from his teammates.

When healthy, the Blazers have the right personnel to make a big splash on both ends of the floor but they just can't seem to catch a break with all the injuries. Right now, they're missing three of their starters in Zach Collins, Jusuf Nurkic, and CJ McCollum.

The good part is that all of them are expected to be back rather sooner than later, so maybe they can make a late push and improve their defense to finally have a shot at making the NBA Finals again.