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Damian Lillard's Response In 2017 To LeBron's 3-5 Finals Record: "A Lot Of People Are 0-0"

(via EssentiallySports)

(via EssentiallySports)

LeBron James is one of the greatest players of All-Time -- anyone with common sense will tell you that.

But he often gets a lot of criticism for his record in the Finals, which currently stands at a meager 3-5. Guys like Jordan, Kobe, and Magic all have a better winning percentage and that fact is one of the biggest blemishes in King James' great career.

But, back in 2017, Damian Lillard gave a pretty good response to one fan who tried to use the 3-5 argument against LeBron.

The irony is, this quote by Lillard came after a Tweet in which he picked Kobe to win one-on-one against the King.

Needless to say, while Dame isn't shy about sharing his opinion on LeBron, he also respects what he's done at the game's highest level. Lillard himself has actually never been to the Finals and being 3-5 (in his mind) is better than not winning one at all.

Only time will tell if he can reach his goals. He's got time and the Blazers are committed to surrounding him with talent.

As for LeBron, his eight Finals appearances surpasses most in league history-- even if he's lost more than half of them. He has hope of improving that record eventually, though.