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Damian Lillard’s Sister Calls Out Paul George For Wifing A Stripper

Damian Lillard’s Sister Calls Out Paul George For Wifing A Stripper

The beef between Paul George and Damian Lillard is reaching new levels. The Los Angeles Clippers and the Portland Trail Blazers clashed on Saturday, with the Clips earning a very valuable victory in part due to Lillard missing two free throws that would have given the lead to his team.

The Clippers bench made fun of Lillard, especially Patrick Beverley and the Blazers point guard had a big response.

Lillard said the Clippers had fun with his missed free throws because he doesn't normally miss and he always beat them. That took things to the next level and the players started exchanging jabs on Instagram.

"I sent Pat Bev home before... PG just got sent home by me last year in the playoffs," Lillard said on his postgame interview.

Now, more people are getting involved in the situation, including Dame's sister and PG's wife.

Lillard's sister, La'nae, share some comments on her IG story before filming a video calling out PG for marrying a stripper.

“Everyone know how my mouth can get … you can’t talk. You got a h-e stripper pregnant, then you wiped the (expletive). Then, look at her lips, look at her face … I’m getting personal with it. I don’t care,” La’nae said.

That wasn't the end of it since PG's wife, Daniela Rajic, responded to La'nae's comments, calling her a “hating a– w–re" and a “cow”.

As you can see, things escalated pretty quickly. This went from being just a basketball issue and now has become personal with the families of the players getting involved in the beef. We don't know how this whole thing will end, but we're reaching new levels incredibly fast.