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Damon Jones Says Kawhi Leonard Is 'In Play' For The Lakers

(via Elite Sports NY)

(via Elite Sports NY)

One of the biggest questions regarding 2019 free agency is NBA Finals MVP Kawhi Leonard. Having just ended a polarizing series victory over the Warriors, his path ahead has never been so unclear.

On one hand, Leonard has a good situation in Toronto. Great teammates, the support of an entire nation, and the chance to win more Championships. There is a belief he is strongly considering giving the Raptors a few more years of his career. On the other hand, the L.A. Clippers can offer something very unique to Kawhi: a trip home.

But there might be a third team in the chase, according to Damon Jones on ESPN's "Get Up!," and it could result in Kawhi going to the other L.A. team.

The problem is, and as Jalen Rose points out on that segment on "Get Up!," the Lakers will likely only have $23 million in cap space this summer -- not nearly enough for a max free agent. To free up space, they will have to wait until after July 6th to make the deal.

And even if they go out and get Kawhi to play alongside AD and LeBron, what kind of depth can they create around them? Rob Pelinka and the Lakers clearly have their work cut out for them this summer.