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D'Angelo Russell: "Lakers & Clippers Should Still Do An Open 7-Game Series On ESPN After The Season. We Still Wanna See That."

Credit: AP

Credit: AP

D'Angelo Russell has thrown a good idea about what the league should do to give fans the longed-for battle of Los Angeles. The Los Angeles Lakers and Los Angeles Clippers were expected to battle in the Western Conference for the right to play in the Finals and just when everything looked like the Clippers were going to easily eliminate the Denver Nuggets, they collapsed and let the Nuggets beat them in seven games, blowing a 3-1 lead in the process.

Now the Lakers are playing the Nuggets in the WCF and a lot of people are unhappy seeing the result of the first game. Everybody believed the Clippers were the only team that could compete and beat the Lakers but now we'll have to wait until next season. Unless, as Russell jokingly proposed, the league makes both teams play a 7-game series after the season it's over so we can see who was going to win the matchup.

"Lakers & Clippers should still do a open 7 game series on ESPN after the season. We still wanna see that," D'Lo wrote on Twitter on Saturday.

Well, that is just a crazy idea since the league won't make this happen after the season. Still, D'Lo's tweet shows how the NBA community feels after the Clippers meltdown in the second round of the playoffs. They are now getting ready for next season and plenty of rumors have surfaced about the future of the squad.

They need to get it together if they want to take that final step and make their first-ever Finals Conference or remain as that team with high expectations that always chokes when it matters the most.