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D'Angelo Russell On Golden State Warriors: “I Would Love For This To Be Home"

(via ABC7 News)

(via ABC7 News)

Amidst the doubts about his future in Golden State, young star D'Angelo Russell says he wants the Warriors to be his home.

(via Mercury News)

“I would love for this to be home,” Russell said from his chair in the Warriors’ San Francisco practice facility. “I have a four-year contract. I would love to be here even three years. That would set my record.”

Indeed, Russ has been a bit of a nomad over the course of his 4-year career. His two seasons in L.A. and Brooklyn ended in disappointing fashion, and he has yet to find a niche in the league.

The Warriors have offered him the chance for stability. Despite rampant rumors and a miserable season, they seem intent on keeping him around for as long as he wants to be there. In less than three months, Russell has found an environment that encourages his strengths. He is continuing to put up All-Star numbers and has also become a mentor to several young players as he expands and adapts his game to complement Golden State’s championship core.

He can be a part of something special if he is able to ride through the wave of what has been an unfortunate season.

So far, he seems more than willing to stick around.