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D’Angelo Russell On Warriors’ Backcourt: ‘It’s Like A Video Game’

Credit: USATSI

Credit: USATSI

Although the Golden State Warriors lost Kevin Durant at the beginning of free agency, they ended up landing D’Angelo Russell, who is expected to be very helpful for the Dubs.

This season they won’t have the same firepower they had the last one with KD gone and Klay Thompson recovering from a torn ACL, but they remain confident they can make good things.

In a recent interview with Alex Kennedy of Hoops Hype, D’Lo expressed how excited he was about joining the Warriors, given the recent history of the team and all the good stuff they have to offer, even though they aren’t the big favorites to win the NBA title.

"I'm excited [to join the Warriors]," Russell said. "I'm beyond excited! They've been to five straight Finals and they do nothing but win. That's something that I'm trying to add to my resume in this league; [I want to] become a winner. I think this is the first step, going to a team of that caliber. I think it'll work out pretty great too. They have some great coaches and great players to kind of make it all work. I'm ready to get the wheels turning."

Moreover, he stated that once Klay is back with the team, the Warriors’ trio of guards will be “like a video game.”

“I think it’s like a video game. You got three guys who can shoot the three at a high clip. I think that’s really exciting for the fans,” Russell said. “Threes are obviously worth more than twos at the end of the day, so I think it gives us an opportunity to win. I’m so excited, and I think we’re going to bring a lot of excitement [to the fans].”

Without any hesitation, watching these three guys playing together would be very fun. Albeit some could say that one of them will have to sit so the other two can play, Steve Kerr has claimed that they will find a way to put all these three stars on the floor at the same time.

They will face a lot of competition next season, but the Warriors still have some hopes to remain a contender in the West.