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Danny Green Blames Lakers Players And Not Frank Vogel For Recent Struggles: "You Can’t Make Guys Make Shots, You Can’t Make Guys Not Turn The Ball Over, You Can’t Make Guys Play Defense.”

Los Angeles Lakers Have Decided Not To Fire Coach Frank Vogel: "No One Believes Changing The Coach Will Yield Dramatically Different Results. Westbrook's Got To Work."

Los Angeles Lakers head coach Frank Vogel seems to be sitting in the hot seat right now. There were rumors that Vogel's job might be in serious jeopardy even after the win against the Utah Jazz. Now, following that win, the Lakers lost an easy game against the Indiana Pacers.

So if those rumors are true then the next few weeks are quite crucial for Vogel. He might be evaluated on the basis of each game and if he slips up, he might lose his job. People are divided upon this discussion. On one hand, many want the franchise to change the head coach effectively.

On the other hand, NBA analysts such as Kendrick Perkins have claimed that Vogel is being made the scapegoat. Speaking of the latter, former Lakers player Danny Green has also spoken in favor of his former coach. Green was part of the Lakers' 2020 NBA Championship-winning campaign, so he has worked closely with Vogel.

"Coach Vogel man, I liked Coach, he was great, and this is one of the reasons why I don’t want to coach. He’s been dealt – I don’t want to say a bad hand – but it’s a situation where it’s hard to figure out, especially with injuries, Covid. He hasn’t had some of his best players in the lineup yet, and he’s getting blamed for a lot of things that I don’t think are his fault at all. It doesn’t make any sense. Poor stretches – I mean, they do what they do. It’s their business. They make up their mind. They figure out where they want to move to, but I think Frank– Coach Vogel is a great coach.”

Green continued as he believes that Frank Vogel is not the issue for the team, "A lot of the guys do a lot of the same things there. It’s hard to put them in their strengths. You can’t make guys make shots. You can’t make guys not turn the ball over. You can’t make guys play defense. Those are three major things that you need to win a basketball game.

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Green firmly believes that Vogel is a great coach. But as far as the Lakers roster is concerned, he is not so sure. There are many players on the team that have not played up to the mark this season.

Moreover, Vogel has a great resume to back up his talents and after all, he has also helped the Lakers win a title under his guidance. He might be at a little fault as well, but blaming him 100% for the Lakers' troubles simply seems unfair.