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Danny Green Cancels His Appearance On First Take After Two Lakers Players Test Positive For Coronavirus



Moments after it was confirmed that two Lakers players have Coronavirus, Danny Green canceled his scheduled appearance on ESPN's First Take.

It was officially announced yesterday that two Lakers have been infected, though the identity of said individuals has remained a secret.

When you put two-and-two together, it's safe to assume Green canceled his appearance because he was one of the ones who tested positive or because he wants to avoid questions about who on the team did test positive -- but it's nothing he (or anyone) should be ashamed about.

While it's important to respect the privacy of these players, a number of athletes and culture icons around the world have announced their diagnosis to the world, including Kevin Durant, Rudy Gobert, Marcus Smart, Donovan Mitchell, Idris Elba, and Tom Hanks.

At this point, everyone and anyone is at risk of getting infected.

Αnd as the virus continues to make its rounds, more names will emerge.