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Danny Green Compares Luka Doncic To A "Bigger Lou Williams"

(via Sports Illustrated)

(via Sports Illustrated)

Mavs sophomore sensation Luka Doncic has been compared to a lot of players since his debut in 2018. Doncic has already been compared to LeBron, Dirk, Brandon Roy, and countless others. Thanks to Danny Green, we can add a new name to the list.

According to Green, he sees Doncic as a "bigger Lou Williams."

While maybe not the most common comparison, Luka should feel flattered by it, nonetheless. Despite never making an All-Star team, Lou Williams has always been one of the NBA best pure scorers and is a 3x Sixth Man of The Year winner.

That's pretty great company to be in, especially for a 20-year-old in his second season. But for some, Luka has already passed Williams. As the face of the Mavericks, he is having a career season while the team continues to be squarely in the playoff picture. At this point, there may not really be a comparison that suits him anymore.