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Danny Green Confident In Ben Simmons: “You Know, You Can't Be Afraid To Take Those Jumpers...You're Not A Bad Shooter, It's All Confidence And Mental"

(via 6abc Philadelphia)

(via 6abc Philadelphia)

Ben Simmons has long been criticized by fans over his inability to shoot the basketball from the side. Many people have tried to get him to shoot the ball: most notably Brett Brown, his former coach. While the Ben Simmons 3PT attempt is extremely elusive, it's not like he can't make them. He's made threes at the NBA level, but for some reason, Simmons is still an unwilling shooter from beyond the arc.

The quote was reported by Hoop Central; it is from Danny Green's podcast called Inside The Green Room. Green hosts various guests in a casual setting, and he had this to say about Simmons' shooting:

Danny Green appears to be confident about the prospects of Ben Simmons becoming a better shooter, despite the last few years suggesting otherwise. With that being said, perhaps Green could be the influence that Simmons needs to finally start attempting more shots from range. Danny Green has been on championship rosters due to his shooting, so perhaps we should listen when he says that Ben Simmons has the ability to make long-range shots.

Green is ready to challenge Simmons head-on and help him work on his jumper. Ben Simmons with a jumper could spell potential on the offensive end, as teams wouldn't simply be able to ignore him outside the paint. Simmons is a frustrating player to many: he could be so good in the future, yet his one huge Achilles' heel holds him back. With Green's help, however, perhaps better shooting days are still ahead for Ben Simmons. We can be sure that Simmons will try to improve, so how this part of his development unfolds will be truly exciting.