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Danny Green Didn't Mention Avery Bradley In This Discussion: 'DeMarcus Cousins And Troy Daniels Deserve Rings'

Fadeaway World

Fadeaway World

Danny Green has revealed he believes the Lakers should reward two players that were part of the team before the suspension, DeMarcus Cousins and Troy Daniels. The Lakers had these players on the roster until March; for different reasons, they couldn't play with the team in the bubble but Green believes they should be rewarded for their participation, regardless of how little it was, with the team.

He believes that Boogie's injury was unfortunate but that doesn't mean he's undeserving of an NBA ring. The veteran big man couldn't play a single game with the Lakers after picking an injury during the preseason, spending the entire 2019/20 season rehabbing. He was waived on Feb. 23 to make room for Markieff Morris, finishing his season with the purple and gold. As for Daniels, he was waived by the Lakers on March 1 so he could join another team and play in the playoffs. Green believes this doesn't make any difference and he hopes they get their ring (1:06 mark).

“I have not (heard anything). I know baseball is different, I know football is different,” Green said on “Inside the Green Room.” “From my understanding when I talked to (former Dodger) Ross [Stripling], if you take a swing or throw a pitch in any type of game of theirs, you will get a ring. … But with basketball, with us, I’ve seen guys get rings that have been on teams for two weeks, and I’ve seen guys that have been there half the season not get rings, so I don’t know how it’s going to go. It’s ultimately up to the captains, the front office and the organization of how they want to do that, but I’m all for guys that were a part of this team getting rings.

“DeMarcus was there rehabbing all year, the only time he wasn’t with us was in the bubble. Troy was with us most of the year, all year, then he also did well in Denver. The guys that have been with us on the roster and on the team, I think they all deserve an opportunity to get a ring because they were part of the team.”

It is worth noting that Green didn't mention Avery Bradley here, but that has an explanation. He simply decided not to travel with the team to Orlando to take care of his family during the coronavirus crisis. This was something that more players did and the NBA was fine with it. Green saying that Bradley deserves a ring would be awkward since he was still part of the team and was a key figure for them before the suspension.

The Lakers will start defending their championship next Dec. 22 hoping to have all their pieces together in a season that will be extremely challenging for them.