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Danny Green On Anthony Davis: 'If He Keeps Going The Way He's Going, He Could Be Up There With Timmy.'

Fadeaway World

Fadeaway World

Anthony Davis has had a very good career individually speaking but this year he took things to the next dimension and finally won his first NBA championship during his first season with the Los Angeles Lakers. Davis proved that he can be good in a championship team as the first or second option on the roster. Davis earned a lot of praise for his season and now some fans are making the case for him to become the best power forward of all time when his career is over.

However, that won't be as easy as it sounds. Davis is drawing a lot of comparison with Tim Duncan but he still has a lot to prove before dethroning TD as the greatest PF to ever live. During a recent edition of his 'Inside the Green Room with Danny Green," Green talked a little about AD and his potential. Danny played with Tim Duncan on the San Antonio Spurs and he also shared touches with Davis this past season (39:30 minute mark).

"If he keeps going the way he's going, he could be up there with Timmy," Green said. "Timmy was never really a 3-point shooter or you know, he shot the outside decently but he was never an outside shooter because of the way the game was going and because he's able to play outside and inside and stretch, that aspect of the game brings him to another tier and another level to shoot quicker or sooner than others guy can."

AD is the evolution of the power forward. He is a player that can do almost everything on the court and he still has room to improve. In terms of pure talent and skill set, he can surpass Duncan, but the accolades and the championships are the pending homework for him. He is still young and is only entering his prime. When he finishes his career, we'll probably say he's the greatest ever in his position.