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Danny Green On First Take: “We’ve Got To Be Smart With These Last Two Checks We’ve Received."

(via The Athletic)

(via The Athletic)

In the midst of a global pandemic, countless people around the world are either losing their job or having to go weeks without a paycheck. Among them are Danny Green and other NBA players, who may have already received their last paycheck from the NBA this season.

On ESPN's First Take, Green spoke on how important it is for players to watch how they're spending these last two paychecks.

“We’ve got to be smart with these last two checks we’ve received, ...we have to be very smart with our money.”

Here, Green is noting the importance for players to be smart and frugal with their money. While they make millions of dollars, it's easy for them to blow through money like it's nothing.

If they have already received their last NBA paychecks this season, we could see a lot of them actually struggle to keep up with their standard of living (financially speaking).

It's a good reminder from Green to not only NBA players, but all of us. As businesses and stores close nationwide, a lot of people could lose their jobs or be without pay for weeks in light of the quarantines.

It's a dark time for the sports world and the world as a whole and it's important to remember to keep our eyes set on the important things as we await the end of this storm.