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Danny Green On Lakers And Clippers Meeting In The Playoffs: "Those Are Seven Road Games For The Clippers. That Is The Lakers Arena."

(via Silver Screen and Roll)

(via Silver Screen and Roll)

Nobody knows what's going to happen to the rest of the 2019-20 NBA season, but it hasn't stopped people from thinking ahead.

This postseason was shaping up to be a good one, and (for the first time in five years) its participants would not include the Golden State Warriors. Instead, a battle between the L.A. teams was the likely outcome.

Imagine: two epic, inter-city franchises with different pasts collide in the Western Conference Finals. It would have been an awesome thing to watch. Who knows, it may even still happen if the season is able to return.

But, according to Danny Green, it won't be a typical 7-game series -- especially for the Clippers.

“If the Lakers and the Clippers do meet each other in the playoffs, those are seven road games for the Clippers. That is the Lakers arena,” Green said, as quoted by “Even if they play in Staples Arena, they change the paint and all that type of stuff, trust me, those are seven home games for the Lakers. The Clippers have just hope and pray they didn’t run into the Lakers. But I think it’s inevitable.”

History certainly agrees with that point. Over the years, as the Lakers have been winning Championships, they've also been winning over the hearts of fans in Los Angeles. The history, lore, and glamour that comes with the Lakers organization has earned them the following and respect from fans that most teams would die for.

Even now, L.A. is a Lakers town despite the Clippers have a better roster.

But Doc Rivers, Steve Balmer, and the rest of the front-office in Clipper-land have been doing their best in changing the stigma attached to their franchise.

For them, beating the Lakers (in the postseason especially) is the easiest way to get it done.