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Danny Green On The Laker Fans On The Road: “It’s Been Amazing. It Just Shows That This Is America’s Team."



Everyone recognizes the Dallas Cowboys as "America's team" (just don't ask Stephen A. Smith). But what about the Lakers?

In the NBA world, perhaps no team has a bigger following than the Lakers. Being in Los Angeles, with a rich history, the Lakers embody a culture of glitz and glamour that is unique to the NBA and professional sports in general.

Danny Green seemed to hint at their title as "America's team" in a postgame chat following the Lakers' win over the Houston Rockets on Saturday.

(via The LA Times)

“It’s been amazing. It just shows that this is America’s team. Every building, we have a bunch of fans, a bunch of people cheering for us, rooting for us no matter where we go. And it’s a great feeling.”

During the game, Lakers fans flooded a hostile arena in Houston to show support for their team. Seeing a sea of gold, even in away games, has become the norm for the famous franchise. Green has clearly taken notice.

But are they ready for the title of America's team? They will have to earn that title with their play, mostly in the postseason. A title like that doesn't usually come lightly.