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Danny Green Reacts To His Former Teammates Serge Ibaka And Mac Gasol Signing With Lakers And Clippers

(via YouTube)

(via YouTube)

Since news broke of his trade to the Thunder (and then the Philadelphia 76ers), sharpshooting guard Danny Green is no longer a member of the Los Angeles Lakers.

Instead, he got to watch as a pair of his former teammates from Toronto signed deals with the Clippers and Lakers.

First, Green acknowledged Serge Ibaka, who recently came to terms on an agreement to join the Clippers in their quest for a title. In a congratulatory post on Instagram, Green posted some footage of a clip from Ibaka's show "How Hungry Are You?" with some friendly captions...

He also sent some love to his former teammate Marc Gasol, who actually signed with Green's former team, the Lakers.

Fortunately, Green should continue to compete in Philadelphia, where Daryl Morey and Doc Rivers have done an admirable job surrounding Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid with quality talent.

As for Ibaka and Gasol, they will become part of an ongoing and competitive feud between the LA teams. The Lakers have the edge, so far, but it will be interesting to see who ends up on top this season.