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Danny Green Reveals Whether He'd Rather Have Tim Duncan's Longevity, LeBron's Versatility Or Steph Curry's Shooting

(via Fadeaway World)

(via Fadeaway World)

33-year-old Lakers guard Danny Green does a lot of different things on the court. In all of his stints with the Spurs, Raptors, and Lakers, he proved his worth by helping his team on both areas of the floor -- and he's one of the best in the league when it comes to laying both sides like that.

But not even Danny Green is fortunate enough to have everything, so when he was presented with the hypothetical option of having the longevity, versatility, or shooting ability of one of the NBA's three greatest players, nobody thought it would be an easy choice.

But, in the end, Green made the logical choice to roll with his teammate, who also happens to be the second coming of Jordan himself.

"LeBron's versatility. I'm a shooter myself so I know what it's like to have a shot, but I would love to have a different way of dominating with the size that Bron has. He can dominate in so many different ways."

Indeed, LeBron James' body makes things incredibly difficult for his opponents. Whether it's muscling his way to the rim, speeding down the court on a fast-break opportunity, or fighting through contact to draw the foul, King James has no shortage of natural advantages and they're a huge part of his game.

You can't blame Green for picking it, even if there is some natural bias going on.

Green is not a Curry-level shooter, but he is a pretty good one and that part of his game is already pretty good. As for Duncan's longevity, there's no indication Green won't be able to play for a long time. So long as he takes care of his body and takes it easy with the minutes, he could easily play another 5+ years.

In the end, it sounds like it was a relatively easy choice for Danny. What about you?