Danny Green Says He Feels Paul George’s Pain: "You Have Nothing But To Look At Your Phone On Social Media All Day And All They’re Doing Is Bullying You."

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Credit: Los Angeles Times

Credit: Los Angeles Times

Los Angeles Lakers sharpshooter Danny Green has shown his support for Paul George of the Los Angeles Lakers. Both players have suffered the anger of fans during the bubble, with George revealing he dealt with depression and anxiety while going through a shooting slump during the Clippers series against the Dallas Mavericks.

Green has spoken out, explaining it's hard not to feel that way when you see your phone all day and the only thing you see is fans going after you.

“The bubble is as good as your play. If you’re not playing well, walls are gonna close in on you. Trust me, I know exactly what PG is going through. You have nothing but to look at your phone & social media all day & all they're doing is bullying you," Green said.

Danny also had to deal with these comments. After the first game of the Lakers series versus the Portland Trail Blazers, fans were quick to call him out for his bad numbers. Even rapper Snoop Dogg trolled him on Instagram, asking how many more threes he was going to miss. Now the Lakers have things back on track and Green is helping his team succeed in front of the Trail Blazers.

PG also recover his best form and now the Clippers are ready to win Game 6 against the Mavs and secure their spot in the second round of the playoffs. As Green said, the bubble is as good as your play and it looks like things are looking better for these two players.

Clippers and Lakers are favorites to win the title and if they want to beat their rivals, PG and Green need to be consistent with their game.