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Danny Green Thinks Kawhi Leonard Is Staying In Toronto

(via Raptors HQ)

(via Raptors HQ)

The outcome of Kawhi Leonard's decision this summer has been the matter of debate for months. Despite coming off a Championship with the team, the rumors about his departure have not slowed down since he arrived in the city almost 11 months ago.

But if you ask Danny Green (Kawhi's teammate with the Spurs and now in Toronto), the answer might not be as exciting as we have been hoping.

Here is what an obviously optimistic Danny Green said about the chances Kawhi returns to the Raptors next year:

“I don’t know the percentage [of chance that he stays],” Green said during the event Saturday. “But i think it’s a higher percentage for him to be here than to leave.” 

Other than being a slightly biased source, there is a reason for Green to believe Leonard might want to stay. He has total control of the franchise and has become the biggest basketball icon ever for that city (and even country). If he signs the dotted line to return, he'll be looking at a steep salary, an iconic brand, and the chance to win each and every season with the team.

The same cannot be said for most other teams.

Nonetheless, all will be revealed when free agency begins late on June 30th.