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Danuel House Was Reportedly Suspended For Game 3 After Bringing A Lady Who Wasn’t His Girlfriend To The Bubble

Credit: USATSI

Credit: USATSI

The Houston Rockets missed an important player on Tuesday night after Danuel House Jr. missed Game 3 of their West semis series against the Los Angeles Lakers. A couple of hours after the game, reports surfaced telling House Jr. wasn't going to be part of the Rockets roster for last night's game. They say it was due to personal reasons unrelated to COVID-19.

That was a little suspicious for everybody inside and outside the bubble and things got more interesting when Twitter user @cuffsthelegend claimed House Jr. was suspended for sneaking a girl who wasn't his girlfriend or wife to the bubble. The rules were pretty clear by the league but House wasn't following that.

"Woj & Shams will tell yall what Daniel House did. Just relax and wait for them to tweet it," Cuff wrote."The NBA clearly said Wives & Girlfriends only. No random Internet Keister in the bubble."

There hasn't been any official announcement on this matter yet, but the NBA Twitter when crazy when Cuff revealed this 'info.'

The league did make it clear and it looks like players always try to be ahead of the authorities. This was a painful loss for the Rockets on Tuesday night. They had a short rotation and without the help of House, the Lakers won the game comfortably. Houston will expect to have House ready for Game 4 and not making stupid mistakes that can hurt his team.