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Darius Garland On People Thinking Him And Collin Sexton Are Fighting Over Being The Face Of The Cavs: 'We're Not Feuding Or Competing For That Spot. That's My Brother. We Feed Off Each Other.'

Credit: AP Photo

Credit: AP Photo

Darius Garland and Collin Sexton are the hope of the Cleveland Cavaliers to be competitive after Kyrie Irving and LeBron James left the team in consecutive years. The Cavs have been trying to find the light again and these two are the answer they were hoping to see.

Right now the Cavaliers are 3-0 and they have a big chance to make it 4-0 when they face the New York Knicks tonight. Garland and Sexton are ready to lead this team for several years to come and they're already showing big chemistry. Seeing that they are two promising young players, people have started to wonder who is going to be the leader of the Cavaliers but they're not worried about that.

After a win over the Charlotte Hornets, Garland made it clear that he's not competing with Sexton at all. In fact, they're trying to feed each other and push each other to be better.

“That we’re not feuding or competing for a spot,” he said, via Chris Manning of Fear The Sword. “A lot of people think that, but we aren’t feuding. That’s my brother. That’s big bro to me. So, just being out on the floor with him, get him going early on – it felt really good. And he’s always going to be aggressive. So when everyone is just keying on him or locked in on him, that’s when I come in and get open shots and that’s when everyone else gets their open shots. So, that’s what it was tonight – he got rolling in the first half and we all just started making our shots in the second half."

The Cavs are in good hands with these two. They form a very exciting backcourt and the future is very bright for them. Only time will tell what's going to happen with the leadership and direction of the team but right now, Cavs fans should relax and enjoy watching these two play every night.