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Daryl Morey Denies Report That Rockets Are Letting Melo Go


In the midst of the Rockets' struggles, they've chosen Carmelo Anthony as their scapegoat.

With Sunday night being now the second time Melo has not played due to "illness," suspicions around the league are growing that the team is considering the possibility of cutting him. Recent reports only back that claim, after a recent tweet by Marc Stein says that Melo's time with the team is coming to an end.

The Rockets have denied they are waiving Carmelo Anthony, but two sources close to the situation say Anthony has been informed that his brief time with the team will soon be ending. Anthony has been listed as "out" for Houston's game tonight against Indiana due to illness.

Daryl Morey and the Rockets recently fired back at those reports, praising Melo's willingness to work with the squad...

"I would expect Carmelo to be playing when he's healthy, yes," Morey said.

"There's just a lot of unfair-like rumors and everything going around about him," Morey said. "He's been great with us. As Coach said (Saturday), his approach has been great. He's accepted every role Coach has given him — starting, off the bench, whatever it's been. We're struggling as a team, and it's my job, it's Coach's job, to figure this thing out. We've just got to figure it out. We're evaluating everything.

Still, they technically haven't denied their intentions. Letting Carmelo go would certainly fit the narrative of finding someone to blame.

Whether or not it'll solve their problems, though, is a whole other thing entirely.