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Daryl Morey Laughs And Quickly Leaves After Being Questioned About Kevin Durant

Daryl Morey Laughs And Quickly Leaves After Being Questioned About Kevin Durant

The Philadelphia 76ers have emerged as a surprising suitor for Kevin Durant in recent weeks, as James Harden and KD have spent a lot of time together over the summer. Not only were they spotted together in London, where they may have discussed the idea of reuniting on the 76ers but also when they were seen working out together in Barcelona.

76ers GM Daryl Morey is one of the most shrewd GMs in the league and has a history of using trades to change the fortunes of his team. He traded for James Harden to establish his name during his time with the Houston Rockets and built a squad tailor-made for Harden's needs. He traded for Harden again in February 2022 from the same team KD is currently a part of.

With the rumors linking KD to Philly and Harden, the GM Morey was asked a question about the same at an event. Daryl laughed the question off and quickly walked away before he could be questioned on the matter further.

Morey was smart not to say anything, as talking about players on other teams can be a finable offense for GMs. KD is currently under contract with Brooklyn, and this situation is tense enough already, so a tampering violation is the last thing Morey needs while trying to make a move for KD.

The 76ers do not have the assets like the other teams involved in the battle for KD, with a lack of future picks on their roster. 

Despite that, the 76ers can try to get Brooklyn to accept a package centered around Tobias Harris and Tyrese Maxey. The 76ers already gave up a bunch of assets to acquire Harden in February, so giving Brooklyn what they want is going to be a massive challenge for the franchise. Morey had to avoid the question, but he will be working behind the scenes to see if they can make something work in a trade to get KD.