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Daryl Morey On Joel Embiiid: "He's The Most Unstoppable Thing I've Ever Seen. And I’ve Seen A Lot. You Know Who I’ve Seen.”

(via Liberty Ballers)

(via Liberty Ballers)

Sixers President Daryl Morey has seen plenty of amazing talents over the past few years. From James Harden to CP3, to Dwight Howard, to Russell Westbrook and, now, Ben Simmons, the guy has really lucked out in the number of stars he's been able to "work" with.

But, according to him, Philadelphia's current hero (Joel Embiid) trumps all the rest in terms of dominance and being unstoppable on the offensive end.

(via Sports Illustrated’s Howard Beck)

“I get in trouble when I say stuff like this,” Morey says, “but he’s the most unstoppable thing I’ve ever seen. And I’ve seen a lot. You know who I’ve seen,” he says, alluding to Harden. “But I’ve never seen anything like it. Like last night against Rudy Gobert, he faced him up at eight feet, and I mean it ended in a dunk. And (Gobert) is an amazing defender. And he had no answer.”

True, the quote can be attributed to a team executive just hyping up his star player. But, this season, it's not a ridiculous thing to say at all.

The Sixers are first in the East, with Embiid operating as their main force on offense. In 2021, he's averaging 30.2 points, 11.6 rebounds, and 14 blocks per game on 52% shooting.

While maybe not as explosive as Harden, he is certainly capable of putting up big numbers, and he's almost impossible to stop when his back is to the basket. The question is, can he continue that level of play in the postseason?