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Daryl Morey On Watching 'The Last Dance': "If I’m On A Balcony, I’d Might Rather Jump Off"

(via Clutch Points)

(via Clutch Points)

Michael Jordan's The Last Dance has been a massive success thus far. In just four weeks, His Airness has dominated the ratings the same way he crushed his opponents in both ends of the floor.

However, considering how polarizing the 'GOAT' debate has always been and some fans' stance on Jordan, it was pretty safe to predict that some of them wouldn't want to be a part of this mayhem.

But, surprisingly, it wasn't a young fan the one to stand against the documentary but one of the league's executives, as Daryl Morey recently told ESPN LA’s Mason and Ireland Show that he still hasn't watched The Last Dance, nor he has any intention of tuning in whatsoever:

“I am not. If I’m on a balcony, I’d might rather jump off. Cause I grew up in Cleveland so I do not want to watch Craig Ehlo get burned again. I’ve got no interest in reñliving my childhood of my wonderful teen-based Cleveland team getting beat by Michael Jordan," the Rockets' general manager stated.

Jordan crushed the Cavaliers' championship's aspirations by hitting one of the most iconic shots of his career, putting an end to his early struggles in the playoffs, so it's natural to think Morey wouldn't want to go all over that pain again.

Also, with Jordan being unanimously considered the greatest player to come off that same draft class that Hakeem Olajuwon (1st overall pick) and how close they reportedly were to trading away Ralph Sampson for Jordan, I wouldn't want to know anything about Michael if I were a part of the Rockets' organization either.

Still, I'm pretty sure that Morey will come to his mind and watch the footage once he's emotionally ready to watch Jordan hit that legendary shot over Ehlo, so let's just give him more time to prepare.